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I saw an ad for Healthy Back Bags in the BBC Wildlife magazine. Being fed up with traditional bags which always felt heavy on my shoulders, I looked at the HBB website and bagged a snazzy khaki coloured number n the sale section.

Really impressed with how light it feels and how it distributes weight. Also love the little key ring thingy. Reluctant to return to 'normal' bags again - what will I do with them all?


I bought a medium back pack several months ago in the sale to try out and I love it! Although I have always thought them an odd shape, it is the most comfortable bag to wear, a great amount of space and several handy pockets. I can't remember the name of the design but it was a winter material I will certainly being buying a summer one especially for my days out.

Debbie Adam

Fabulous! I took this to Glastonbury and carried it all day. I kept wet gear in the bottom compartment and everything I needed in all the other pockets. My purse clipped on inside so I didn't drop it. Everything stayed dry and my back never ached despite being on my feet with all my gear for 16 hours a day. I would love another one because there are so many great styles but this one is just perfect for everything. The mud washed right out when I got home and it looks like new again. Its going again in 2015, lucky bag, lucky me.

Fiona Simpson

What a brilliant gym bag! I am so pleased with this well designed bag, which I bought specifically to take to the gym. I love the various pockets, including the small pocket which holds my padlock and is easy to reach. My water bottle fits well in the outside pocket and the bag has enough room for all of my gear as well as my purse, glasses and keys, and my trainers fit well in the separate section at the bottom of the bag. The bag is brightly coloured and is comfortable to wear over my shoulder. All in all I am extremely pleased with this bag which makes going to the gym a pleasure (almost!)

Ros Barnes

This is a brilliant bag for a holiday when you only want to take the essentials with you.
What also makes this little bag so brilliant is that there are so many ways to wear it. As I have a bad back the fact that you can wear the bag around your waist makes things so much easier for me.

C Rose

This is the third edition to our HBB family. As usual I am delighted with it. We have just been 'down under' and I found my baglett was just the job to make sure I had all my little bits and pieces whilst hubby carried the large version :-)
Thank you HBB

Maggie Sokolow

I have just brought this bag it is as usual the high standard of all the healthy back bags, I love the colour, the mesh pocket is ideal for carrying a drink when walking, the zip design is very good and I now go swimming looking very modern with all my gear inside.

chris yetton

In four words 'I love this bag' !

I had admired this bag for a while and put it on my Christmas list. It is just the right size and the patent finish allows me to use it at work or the weekends. I do tend to carry a lot of things and still manage to fit everything in.

T Jones

I can't carry heavy bags on my shoulders any more so bagletts are the best thing. There is enough room in them for a wallet and my phone. The distressed nylon are my favorite because when it gets dirty, I can just toss it in the washer. And best of all, these bags come in great colors so I quickly change bags depending on my outfit.

Holly Ambrose

My purple baglett has gone with me everywhere for the last two years. It holds my phone, money, glasses, keys, shopping trolley token and make up - all the essentials. There's never a moment when I don't know where it is. I put it on at the beginning of the day and it travels with me: to weddings and work, while driving, shopping, gardening or striding over mountains. Sometimes I don't wear it, but those are the times it is hooked securely to the inside of my bigger Healthy Back Bag. Thanks you for helping me be more organised.