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All HBBs(excluding Bagletts) can be worn 4 ways: On either shoulder or crossbody.

Bagletts can be worn crossbody, on the shoulder or around the waist. The straps can also be detached and the Baglett can be used as a clutch or clipped into your regular size HBB as a separate compartment.

Cleaning instructions for all of our HBB fabrics are listed below. If you are unsure of your HBB material, you can call us on (0)20 7812 9800 and we would be happy to advise you further.


Textured Nylon: Spot clean or machine-wash separately in cold water using a mild, non-biological detergent. Air dry.

Microfibre: Spot clean with wet wipes or sponge with a mild, non-biological detergent solution. Air Dry.

Leather: Clean using a mild ph-balanced leather cleaner and conditioner.

Polyester: Spot clean with wet wipes or sponge with a mild, non-biological detergent solution. Air Dry.

Nylon: Spot clean with wet wipes or sponge with a mild, non-biological detergent solution. Air Dry.

Cotton: Spot clean with wet wipes or sponge with a mild, non-biological detergent solution. Air Dry.

Healthy Back Bags all have a full-length double zip which is always against your back, whichever way you wear it.

This makes it very difficult for anyone other than you to get into your bag. Make sure the pulls for the main zipper are towards the bottom of the bag and you can easily access the main compartment without even taking it the bag off.

On the outside of the bag are 4 or more separate compartments most of which are secured with a zip or Velcro or are positioned against your body - so again, your stuff is safe and within easy reach.

Any warranty claims must first be addressed by your retailer and will require proof of purchase.

We guarantee the workmanship of every Healthy Back Bag Company product for two years from purchase.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse including unreasonable or excessive wear, accidental damage, lost or stolen bags or their contents.

We will offer an exchange of equal value, or refund on defective product if you can provide us with proof of purchase from Ameribag (UK) Ltd.

Replacement is at the sole discretion of AmeriBag (UK) Ltd.

Repairs or modifications by unauthorised agents may void this warranty.

Ameribag (UK) Ltd  do not offer a repair service and are not liable for replacement hardware.

To arrange a warranty related return please call us on 020 7812 9800.



A Healthy Back Bag is a one-strap alternative to a rucksack.

We fully endorse the fact that a two-strap bag (assuming it is fitted correctly and carried properly!) is the best way to carry weight around, however there is a great temptation to use only one strap, which is the worst thing you can do. Many people find rucksacks just plain ugly, uncomfortable and inconvenient, are worried about security, or can't carry them for health reasons, and this is where a Healthy Back Bag comes into its own.

Healthy Back Bags® were developed in collaboration with a doctor and a chiropractor to address weight stress issues in a one-strap bag.

The teardrop shape distributes weight ergonomically throughout the length of the bag, rather than pulling from one point on the shoulder. The bag doesn't pull away from the body, it contours to your back, whether you wear it on one shoulder (either shoulder) or cross-body.

There are no rigid elements in the Healthy Back Bag's construction, so it moulds to any shape back. The more places a bag touches your body when you wear it, the lighter it feels - it becomes part of you - and the less it adversely affects your posture.

All bags have a non-slip strap lining so it can be worn on one shoulder without slipping off or pulling away from the body, so the wearer does not need to make any corresponding adjustments (like unconsciously hunching the shoulder) to keep the bag in place. When the bag is worn across the back, it frees the arms allowing the wearer to walk in a correct bio-mechanic fashion.