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21 Aug 2018

AW18 Seasonal Launch

The Healthy Back Bag - AW18

It is finally time to say goodbye to summer and what a summer it was!

But even though its come to an end, we are very excited to say we have some hot new seasonals to heat up your cool autumnal days.

Explore the New Range

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21 Aug 2018

What's Your Flavour

Healthy Back Bag Oyster

What's Your Flavour

When it comes to pairing the right bag with your outfit nothing is as simple as it seems. Your shoes, your belt, the print of your shirt and the colour of our trousers all have a role to play. And sometimes, the best pairing is counter intuitive. Matching a bold colour with a daring print to give the outfit more depth and draw the eye to certain accessories.

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18 Aug 2018

Products To Clean Up The Oceans

There is an interesting movement happening at the moment around upcycling, especially reusing ocean plastics. The problem with upcycling is the fact that after plastics etc. are discarded, they begin to deteriorate. So, when you recycle them, they need to be sorted, cleaned and processed before you can do anything with them. This process is generally more expensive than making new materials.

However, as more and more big brands and celebrities get behind the movement, it quite excitingly looks like it's really gaining some traction.


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14 Aug 2018

Perfecting your morning routine to have a perfectly productive day

Setting yourself a solid morning routine will help you have a productive day. 

For example, a standard morning without routine normally involves me hitting the snooze button four or five times, rolling out bed at the last minute, showering, dressing and running out the door because I’m inevitably late again.

First of all this is stressful, secondly, I’m normally still half asleep by the time I get to where I’m going and it’s not until the second coffee at around 10 - 11, that I really start to get into the swing of things.

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14 Aug 2018

What to you wear with your HBB

Choosing the Perfect Outfit for your Healthy Back Bag

To get the most out of your outfit, your accessories are vitally important. It’s all very well wearing a gorgeous new dress, or form fitted tailored suit, but accessories can make or break an outfit. A wise person once said, “Apparel is repetitious, accessories make you different”. A tired looking bag, scuffed pair of shoes or overly colourful belt will distract and not in a good way.

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