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15 Mar 2018

10 Things You Didn't Know About St. Patrick's Day


1. The Shamrock

Irish legend says that St. Patrick chose the shamrock as the symbol of the Christian church.

It's three leaves were meant to represent the Holy Trinity: God, Son and the Holy Spirit. 

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13 Mar 2018

5 Must have Gadgets to keep you Healthy in 2018

5 must have gadgets to keep you healthy in 2018

There are whole swarms of new technologies hitting the market all of the time. From super blenders and magic water purifiers, to smart speakers and intelligent AI assistants. 

We've come up with a list of some of the gadgets we've been most excited by so far in 2018.

These would be used daily and could help keep you healthy.

See what you think, and let us know your thoughts in the comment sections below!


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27 Feb 2018

Calling All Dog Lovers

Calling all London Dog Lovers

There are a whole lot of ways to enjoy time with your pooch and even if you don’t own a dog you can still spend time with a cute dog or two.

Here are just a few of the unusual ways you can spend your time pampering your dog in and about London.

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27 Feb 2018

Is Your Sugar & Fat Intake Out Of Balance?

Signs your Sugar & Fat intake is out of balance

There is a lot of confusing babble out there. Don’t eat sugar. Eat some fats, but not others. Don’t eat fat if you’re trying to lose weight. Don’t eat sugar, but fruit is good... Amidst all this conflicting advice, it can be hard to determine what exactly is right when it comes to eating fats and sugars. It’s not surprising that a lot of us are getting the balance wrong.

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22 Feb 2018


Supporting Bees


Bees are pretty important. They pollinate most of the plants on earth and we as humans are pretty dependent on them. However, the bee population has been in rapid decline for a while now due to loss of habitat and the pesticides that a lot of large farms use.

They also make honey, which is frankly delicious and really good for you.

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