Introduction | The Healthy Back Bag
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A great feature of Healthy Back Bags is that they are designed to keep wearers organised. Exterior pockets are perfect for a travel card,
 loose change, a slim book and umbrella. Inside there is room for a Kindle or a netbook; a magazine, water bottle, keys, purse, gloves, pens...
 All conveniently distributed around the bag. All the classic ranges have:

  • Identical pocket configurations, 4 on the outside and 5 or 6 on the inside
  • A key hook and D-ring at the top of the bag
  • Silver lining to make contents more visible

 Healthy Back Bag girls


Security is paramount to our HBB users, so we strive to ensure our designs make it difficult for anyone to get to the contents. All
Healthy Back Bags have:

  • A full-length double zip which is always against the back, whichever way the back is worn.
  • If the pulls for the zipper are towards the bottom of the bag then users can access the contents without removing the bag
  • There are 4 or more separate compartments on the outside of the bag which are secured with a zip, velcro, or magnets


We carefully select all our fabrics to ensure they will stand the test of time and all types of weather. Our fabrics are:

  • Treated to be water resistant
  • Resistant to general wear and tear